2017's Top IT Concerns for Chicago Businesses (and How to Solve for Them)

What are your fellow IT professionals prioritizing for 2017?

What are your biggest IT concerns for 2017?

LP - Top IT Challenges.pngMany of 2016's biggest events occurred in the technology and digital space — and have either already deeply affected the IT world or only begun to rear their heads. Chicago IT leaders have a lot on their plates this year!

YJT Solutions' 2017 Top IT Concerns for Chicago Businesses addresses many of the challenges facing IT leaders in the coming months, including:

  • Business alignment
  • IT security
  • The widening IT skills gap
  • The need to do more with less
  • Compliance and documentation
  • Cloud strategy

Companies must understand both why these issues are so important in the current business climate — and how your IT staff can address these concerns to rise above the competition through the year.

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